Sunday, April 7, 2013


The Utah Jazz Beach Bash was as fun as ever! This year we went to the Hardrock Hotel in Cancun. The new hotel was a nice change. All inclusive, white sand beach, blue water and all the sunshine us pastey people can handle...



This was our Valentines dinner. What a way to spend Valentines day. Very romantic.





So fun to hook up with a bunch of our highschool friends.


Volleyball was everyday! For hours at a time.



The Pack-Attack on the kill

Ricky Bobby's 3" vertical!


One of the many yummy restaurants



Michelle playing her hand at ...... Don't know what you call this game.





Local band put on some loud sweet tunes. We danced our guts out.

Nigel, the pelican.


The glass bottom boat that got us all sick :)


Pooor Michelle. She almost barfed.


Party time at an organized Jazz dinner.




Jazz President, Randy Rigby - attacked by Bear.


Matt found Crush the turtle while snorkleing along the reef. So friendly and fun!


Our night view from our hotel room. Check out the cool guitar.


Caribbean Blue...


The Packers




The Utah Jazz legends. Q & A




Our boat ride to Isla das mujeres.








We rented a golf cart to tour the island. It was FAST!


Zip Line Baby!


Cenote Exploring



Hanging on the beach with Memit Okur from the Jazz. Such a good guy - so nice.


Long walks along the beach.


My HOT husband.


Ricky Bobby's Nap time.


Matt's nap time.


Relaxing and reading.